Fabit-Receive SMS Online Using UK Geographic Numbers

You are thinking about receiving SMS text messages online using your dedicated UK virtual geographic numbers. Using such virtual phone numbers give you an effective way to push  forward your business. If you adopt such a virtual phone number, all messages sent to this UK geographic number will be forwarded to your email inbox. And the UK geographic number on which you can receive SMS online will adopt the form like this <area code><local number>.
Today we will discuss a online SMS receiving service provider-Fabit.
Fabit offers the following interesting features.

1. All messages you receive on the UK geographic number will be saved to your online inbox.
2. You can set it to forward all your messages to your email.
3.You can autoresponse a SMS received.
4.Forwarding inbound SMS to any mobiles.

So why you need a UK Geographic Number?
Previously, the price for the service of receiving SMS online is unaffordable for most small business. It’s very expensive to communicate with staff using virtual geographic phone numebrs.

Generally speaking, Geographic numbers look like ordinary UK landlines numbers. Unlike the premium phone number 07x number or short code to receive SMS online with a very high price, Geographic phone number works the some functionality so in this sense, geographice numbers make sense.

So if you are looking for a service to receive SMS online, consider Fabit.

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