Lleida-Receive SMS Online With Dedicated Free Disposable Phone Numbers

There are many sites offering free service for you to receive SMS online. But many sites offer a shared number which are public to all the people which do not give you privacy. Google Voice is always a good choice for people in the US but not the others. And today we are going to discuss a very good resource which allows you send and receive SMS online. What’s more, you will be given a dedicated free disposable phone number. You can pick up such a virtual phone number from 4 countries: US, UK, Spain,German.

Read on to find more details about how to receive SMS online with Lleida

  1. First of all, you need to sign up for a free account here http://www.lleida.net/us/alta.html. Ensure that you enter your phone number right the SMS verification purpose. And then pick up the virtual number you like.
  2. Go to the login page http://websms.lleida.net/index.html to check out the message you receive.
  3. You can also use mobile verison or PC version about the ability to receive SMS online.

There are more features you can try it out by yourself. In fact, the most interesting feature of this site is that they offer free disposable phone number from UK and Spain for you to receive SMS online. That’s definitely an exclusive feature. In general,we can see free virtual phone numbers from US, and seldom see free virtual phone numbers from other countries.

What’s more, they are offering 20 credits for the trial purpose. You can send about 40 free international messages. And it is free to receive SMS with the allocated number. You can keep the number private as long as their test period is still alive. Ok, just check out the service yourself and give us some good feedback.

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